About Dallas Digital Marketers

We started over 10 years ago as Social Media Breakfast Dallas. At the beginning of 2021 we changed our name to reflect the building overlap social media has with all digital marketing campaigns. They are all so intermingled that we wanted to provide a platform that would more holistically serve our Dallas Digital Marketers!

Whether you are a:

  • Business owner trying to add social media to your marketing/PR mix
  • Social media expert
  • Social media newbie
  • Someone who wants to come to learn
  • Someone who wants to come to teach
  • A SEO, Email marketing, PPC, or other new digital marketing expert

Join Us

Once a month we get together to share experiences, stories and learn from each other on a variety of different topics in and around the digital marketing sphere. We look forward to the new mix each month. For more information about Dallas Digital Marketers, please contact us.

Dallas Digital Marketers

We bring professionals together that are interested in sharing and learning trends, innovations and best practices in digital marketing, with social media at it’s core.  DD Marketers gather to share experiences, successes and engage with each other on a variety of different topics in and around the digital marketing sphere.  Our program format varies from showcasing various keynote speakers, “Hot Topic” panel discussions and roundtable “Burning Question” format, so all have an opportunity to participate, grow in knowledge and also contribute.

Prior to our scope expansion and rebranding in March 2021, SMB Dallas was the second largest social media group in Texas and as SMB Dallas, we ranked in the top 4 SMB groups nationally.

SMB Dallas was formed May 5, 2010 for businesses (and individuals) primarily involved in B2B, to network, learn, and showcase their interests in various uses of social media. From a business owner who utilizes social media to promote and grow their business, to the media expert or the new beginner, SMB Dallas is an organization of 1500+ members coming together to share, teach and learn.  SMB Dallas’s roots started in “The Big 3” in social media – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and has constantly expanded topics to more social media platforms strategic approaches and tools for many more. Over those first 11 years, our span of topics and interests has evolved from “social media silos” of knowledge to the Digital Marketing Ecosystem.  Hence the rebranding in 2021 was inevitable, to keep up with the dynamics in our ever changing industry.

Normally we meet the last Thursday of each month.  (During the pandemic, we meet on quarterly webinars.)