Dallas Digital Marketers - YouTube SEO - May 2022

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Tim Vasquez presents hot SEO tactics and tips!

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Celebrating 10 Years!

We’ve been bringing Social Media Marketing speakers, panels, breakouts, & ideas to the Dallas area for 10 years. Our name change aligns us with the inherent overlap in digital marketing & social media. We will still bring great social media speakers; and will now bring in even more power hitters with digital marketing strategies!

Oh, the memories!!
Take a look at some of the highlights in our recap video. Filled with our SMB friends, look closely, you just may see yourself from previous meetings!

Meeting Location

We’re back to in-person meetings!!!

Meeting Location:
17250 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75248

Meeting Formats

Dallas Digital Marketers brings a successful social media marketing speaker to you for FREE. Our meetings typically have over 60 people; and space is limited, so be sure to get your FREE ticket before all spaces are taken.

For our panel sessions, we invite 3 panelists to come share their experience on a specific social media topics and then open the meeting to questions from the audience to the panel. A great way to pick the minds of experts out making things happen in the market place.

We limit registration to 45 people for this meeting and pick a topic where the attendees bring their questions and experience around a specific topic. Lots of sharing and deep dives on topics. We have received tremendous feedback from these events and they are always popular, so RSVP early for this one!

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