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Key Tools for Digital Marketing in 2022
April Round Table

There are so many tools available to help make our jobs easier as digital marketers; but which ones should you consider using? Join us, in our Roundtable format. Topics are introduced by DDM Board members, and all attendees participate in the discussion of the following topics.

Video – Mark Liberio, Tetra Media

Many marketers want to create their own videos for themselves or their clients and to be effective you should have three things – good content, technique and the right tools. This session will focus on tools but will also focus on content and technique.

  • Video – Quality, editing, professional look, options, and price points
  • Content – What is the story?
  • Technique – Lighting, sound, camera stability

Social Graphics – Grant Wickes, Wickpoint

Learn how you can easily create and post visually compelling graphics on social media using tools such as Canva, Stencil, and Snappa.

These graphic tools are ideal for the casual designer and a real-time saver for the professional. Each is template-driven and provides all the correct image sizes for social media platforms.

Reporting & Analytics – Jackie Bese, Atomic Design

Join a discussion where we cover the tools that marketers are using to measure their digital campaign results. This interactive discussion will focus on the tools and KPIs smart marketers are measuring to track & report their successes. Learn the most common & new tools, setup tips, as well as what data marketers are tracking and reporting to their clients and executives.



Thursday, April 28th
7:30am – 9:15 am CST

Program Format:

  • 7:30am — Pre-meeting networking
    (coffee provided)
  • 8:00am — Opening remarks & welcome
  • 8:15am — Main presentation and Q&A
  • 9:15am — Wrap up & networking