Did you know that there is a large amount of valuable (yet untapped) knowledge within the front-line ranks of your organization?

Most content marketing and social media programs are designed and executed within executive board rooms and agency “ping pong” rooms without ever considering what content customers are actually looking for. It’s time to break that cycle and learn how to unlock the voice of your employees in your content if so that you can begin to actually move the needle.

  • The Impact “Compounding” Content Can Have On The Sales Process And Closing Rates
  • Making This A Reality For Your Company: The Editorial Process Isn’t That Hard (Let Go A Little) 
  • How to Ignite Content with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Quora
  • The Long Term Impact for Your Company And Employees (and your bottom line.)



About Chris Handy – @handythinks

“His experience and personal approach to marketing was well received by all, but I have to say it’s his ability to engage the group and foster productive conversation and idea sharing that really sets Chris apart.” – Alexandra Nikitas, HubSpot

When Alex Nikitas of HubSpot needed someone to explain the latest developments in lead nurturing and audience development to their high-potential agency partners, they called on Chris Handy to show them what he was doing.

Chris Handy is an acclaimed podcaster, dynamic keynote speaker and emcee and marketing strategy consultant who has been featured most recently by Content Marketing Institute and the Hubspot Blog. Chris’s podcast was named one of the Top Ten Podcasts Produced By Agencies in 2015 by the Agency Post.

Chris is passionate about improving the processes that make a business thrive. His workshops and other intensive training programs most benefit eager companies who have dipped their toe in the water with content or inbound marketing, but have not seen the effect on top-line revenue that they had hoped.

Chris Handy is founder and CEO of Thinkhandy, an Inbound Agency & Consultancy located in Fort Worth, TX. Born and raised in Fort Worth, he holds degrees in management and marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington.

About Thinkhandy

Clients working with Thinkhandy find a helpful partner dedicated to shortening their sales cycle and generating and closing qualified sales leads.
With an aligned marketing and sales strategy, companies can knock down the traditional silos and create a much more efficient business development environment. Thinkhandy’s status as a HubSpot Silver Partner denotes that they have not only brought the inbound message to the most clients, but also have executed inbound services to the highest standards.